Friday, May 25, 2012

Finnish Nature Appreciation

I haven't been very active lately, so here's a mixture of pictures I've taken of Finland over the past four months. Soon, I will properly update, but for now, enjoy the Finnish nature! My school ends next lauantai (Saturday), and on sunnuntai (Sunday) I'll be leaving on a two week trip with other Rotary students through Europe. It's a bit crazy to think of how short time really is, all condensed into your memory. For now, I'm just enjoying the moment!  It hasn't snowed since the end of Huhtikuu (April)  and in the past two weeks there has been a huge increase in temperature as well as greeness! Today it was even warm enough to wear shorts and no jacket outside! Mun ystävät (My friends) say that it's kesä (summer) now, but I still think it's kevät (spring) ! 

Partio (Scouts) campsite, Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

Partio, Kauhajoki Toukokuu - May

 Levi ski area, Lapland (Northern Finland) Helmikuu - February

Kukat (Flowers) Kauhajoki Toukokuu - May

 Levi, Helmikuu - February

 tuulimylly (windmill) Kauhajoen Museo (Kauhajoki Museum) Toukokuu - May

Puut (trees) Levi, Maaliskuu - March 

Turku, Toukokuu - May  
Äitienpäivä (Mother's Day) 

Turku, Toukokuu - May

Kauhajoki, Maaliskuu - March

Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

 Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

Turku, Toukokuu - May

 Kauhajoki, Helmikuu - February

Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

 Kauhajoki, Huhtikuu - April

Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

 Levi, Maaliskuu - March

 Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

Partio campsite, Kauhajoki, Toukokuu - May

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